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Your business needs options… We’ve got different loans available for you..

  • From 2k to 800k
  • Repayment Terms up to 24 months

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What are competitive interest rates?

Competitive interest rates are a result of competition amongst lenders for your business.

Does ICEX offer its own funding?

ICEX has an international catalogue of over 30,000 private and public lenders.

Does ICEX offer multi-year leasing?

Yes, multi-year leasing on equipment is available.

How quickly can ICEX provide a quote?

Competitive quotes may be obtained within minutes of submission of an application or financial package.

Does ICEX offer guarantees regarding its services?

We guarantee professionalism and an unmatched drive to meet our client’s expectations.

Private Lender Rates and Why

When compared to banks, private lenders can have higher interest rates, because they have fewer eligibility requirements and faster underwriting processes. For example, some private lenders may only require 6 months or less in business and stated annual revenue to qualify for a loan, and may return a credit decision within minutes or hours. Due to the aforementioned, reduced criteria private lenders are generally a better option for deals or businesses regular banks consider unbankable, such as startups, low revenue businesses, or applicants with low credit scores.



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ICEX Automation: Automation is the twin of innovation and what makes production easy and functionally possible, like the production of Henry Ford's Model T. ICEX, has automated the application and underwriting process for every product being sold or bought on its platform. ICEX’s automations allow brokers to process their customers transaction easily and in some cases within minutes. For the sophisticated buyer or seller, ICEX allows the entrepreneur and consumer to submit their underwriting package directly to the market of their choosing with the same ease of process and time.


About us

ICEX is the most diverse financial platform in the world, servicing small businesses and consumers. Depending on the market, our private lenders, don’t require credit or social security checks. At ICEX money looks for you just as hard as you look for it!